Professional Photographer with Flying Colours

Professional Photographer with Flying Colours

Professional photographerWhile that heading may not really work, it is at least accurate. Last weekend I, a professional photographer, was lucky enough to be hired by Flying Colours Foster Care to photograph their annual Fun Day. It was a fantastic day and the high sprits weren’t dampened in the least by the horrible weather, but I’ll get into more about the day shortly.

Now, I should state at this point that this isn’t my usual type of gig. My wheelhouse is wedding photography in Staffordshire and family portrait photography in Stoke-on-Trent, but when a man’s mother-in-law calls and offers said man a job, turning down said job is not the kind of thing said man ought to do lightly. Having said all that, said man was very happy to have the opportunity to go along to said job and take part in what was a truly eye-opening day.

Flying Colours laid on an impressive set of activities for the children. The magician did his thing early and everyone had a go at plate spinning, some with more success than others. The face painting went over well and my mother-in-law may have a fall-back career there should she feel the need for a change of speed (I feel the need, the need, for a change of speed (Top Gun reference). Imagine mother in law as Tom Cruise / Maverick – hmmmm). There was a range of craft activities to take part in and also an expertly manned BBQ with just the right amount of carbon on the chicken kebabs.

It looked for a while like the two bouncy castles were going to be redundant as a result of the weather, but when the rain took a breather a very keen volunteer headed out with a mop and next thing you knew the children were bouncing away to their hearts’ content. Very wisely the ice cream and cakes weren’t produced until after the kids had finished their bouncing.

The mobile zoo with its millipede, chameleon, snake, bearded dragon and barn owl went over very well, while the prize giving was popular too. Incredibly every child won an award – incredible how these things work out sometimes…

My responsibilities were to capture the feel of the event as the day unfolded and get lots of images of the children enjoying themselves and filling their faces with ice cream – not difficult given the number of smiles and the amount of ice cream on show. I was also involved in everyone’s undoubted highlight of the day, which was the group photograph – I’m sure everyone would agree… Just me then?… Oh…

All in all, the day was a fantastic success. The children had a great time and the adults seemed to enjoy it even more than the kids. Seeing my mother-in-law with her face painted like a Dalmatian will stay with me, as will the smiles on the kids’ faces. Thank you everyone at Flying Colours and everyone who attended, it was great to be there with you on what really was a Fun Day.

Andy Mellor

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